Information for investors

Information for investors

The commune of Kosów Lacki is one of the largest communes in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. It is dynamically developing locally and has many important advantages  to offer to investors.

Why Kosów Lacki?

Large enterprises operate successfully in Kosów Lacki; these are: Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska (District Dairy Cooperative) in Kosów Lacki (one of the oldest dairies in Poland), Zakłady Mięsne Zakrzewscy (Zakrzewscy Meat Processing Plant – one of the leading Polish meat producers), Zakłady Mięsne Świderscy  (Świderscy Meat Processing Plant – manufacturer of traditional cured meats), STAOIL Sp. z o.o. (one of the state-of-the-art rapeseed oil production plants in the country), Austenit Sztajerwald (manufacturer of metal tanks and non-standard devices), PHU MADO and PHU Elka (enterprises operating in the power industry).

The location of the Kosów Lacki Commune is one of its major advantages that determine its investment attractiveness. Owing to the proximity of the S8 expressway, with which the commune is connected by the high-standard Voivodeship road No 627, transport connections with the entire country and Europe are very good. Moreover, Kosów Lacki is very close to the Małkinia railway hub, through which the E75 international railway line runs.

Distances from:

  • Warsaw - 110 km (S8 expressway and Voivodeship roads No 694 and No 627),
  • Białystok - 120 km (S8 expressway and Voivodeship road No 627),
  • Małkinia railway hub - 14 km (Voivodeship road No 627),
  • Siedlce - 50 km (via the Voivodeship road No 627 and the national road No 63).

What can we offer?

  • well developed water supply and sewage network,
  • high power energy grid,
  • gas network,
  • optical fibre telecommunication network.

The local government cooperates with entrepreneurs in building a water and sewage network and roads to cater for the needs of local businesses. Prospective investors can rely on the assistance and support provided by the local authorities and on participation in investment processes and procedures. This attitude of the authorities is reflected in low taxes adopted by the Commune Council and the investment budget of the commune.

The commune of Kosów Lacki educates staff for business. The local government is the governing authority for the local secondary school and the vocational school, which provide education adjusted to the needs of the local labour market.
The combination of favourable conditions for investors with the labour market resources, potential development opportunities and convenient geographic location provides good capital investment and stability of economic development prospects.
The accommodation and conference facilities of Kosów Lacki fully meet the needs of the growing business in the town.

How can we help you?

  • we will provide support in obtaining required permits and contracts required by the law to do business;
  • we will offer for sale the plots owned by the commune or contact the owners of private plots intended for investment.

Who is our offer for?
We are open to any investments. In our commune, production and service companies, warehouses, etc. can be established

Contact details:
tel. (25) 787 91 05
e-mail: samorzad at[0] kosowlacki [dot] pl


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